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At-Home Childcare for Austin Parents

We match you to local families and quality nannies who are hired, trained, and managed by us. Childcare made easy.

The Village Childcare At-Home Program

Forget the waitlists or endless search for a great nanny.

What Village Childcare does for parents:

  • Review your needs with a Childcare Coordinator
  • Pair you with local families based
  • Find, hire, and train great nannies
  • Manage payroll and taxes

What parents do:

  • Share your childcare needs
  • Meet with a Childcare Coordinator to communicate your needs
  • Meet your local family match
  • Breathe. We've got your back

Village Childcare Cost

Join a Village Nanny-Share

Weekly Nanny-Share Rate$470.00

Nanny Placement (per child)

  • Specialized infant and toddler care by a certified caregiver.
  • Payroll, taxes, training, & curriculum all managed by Village Childcare
  • No Waitlists, No Hiring
  • We support full-time childcare, with a minimum of 6 weeks notice.
  • Minimum of 16 week commitment

Registration Fee ($150)

  • The registration fee covers the cost of organizing the Nanny-Share
  • We will match you to a family in Austin with similar needs and a Village Childcare nanny within 2 weeks of your start date or the fee will be refunded.
  • If you choose an alternative solution before that time, there is no refund.

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Find an incredible nanny

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What Should I Know About Nanny-Shares?

Experience the best of both worlds. Nanny-shares give you the personalized and private care of a nanny, with the structure and socialization of a daycare.

Village Childcare requires at least six weeks to set up your nanny-share. Whether you're in the early stages of pregnancy or need childcare in months, you can prepare for childcare and get priority within our family matching system.

Almost certainly! The more densely populated your neighborhood is, the more options we tend to have. We will introduce you to families already signed up for Village and begin recruiting for family matches in your area.
At Village, we believe that three things are absolute requirements for every great nanny. Communication, Experience, and Passion. Learn more about our criteria here. All nannies and background checked and referenced check, and follow our best practice nanny-share guidelines.

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